Frequently Asked Questions


  • What do Totum credits mean?

    Totum credits were created to solve a budgetary problem often experienced by sim labs and organisations. We appreciate that budget isn’t always readily available throughout the year. So we created Totum credits, 360 of which are issued every year when your subscription is paid in full. These can be used to purchase consumables via the Totum app at any point throughout the year. It’s up to you who gets access to credits and you can control this via the groups editor.   

  • Why are some models worth more Credits?

    You will notice some models are worth more Credits than others. This is relative to the complexity of manufacture, and the amount of raw material required to produce the model. 

Downloading the Totum simulation app

  • How do I find the Totum simulation app?

    To download the Totum simulation app, sign in to your Totum account online and look for the 'Downloads' tab on the left hand side of the screen. Click the tab and select the simulation app relevant to your needs and facilities. 

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